Sunset Brawlers

Online Multiplayer Beat-'em-up. Original characters, cute style and free unlockables. 100% Free-To-Play. Currently on Web and Mobile devices.

DETHRONED: Real-Time Combat Card Game

A Tabletop Card Game featuring unique gameplay within the Hidden-Role genre.


We're more than excited to work with companies for
Game/Tool Development or Technical QA & Consultation.

Legends of Learning:
Fossil Explorers
Oliver's Card Game
Brewing For Science
Approved Carrier Network:
Truck Tracker

About Us

KiteLion Games was founded by
Eliot Leo C.S. and Bryan Tong in 2016. Since then we've worked with many passionate and professional developers to create the art, music, and design of our games and products.
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Always accepting contract work; general questions, comments, and feedback are additionally welcome!